Hades is Going Back to (Art) School and Sirenz3 Cover Contest Reveal

28 Aug

Meg & Shar Illustration by Daelyne Bell

Hades, here.

Back to school? How tedious. Why would you want to do that? Come run a few errands for little old me and you will never have to lift the page of a textbook again. Would you rather school take your soul or me? Really, is it even a choice?

Which reminds me of all the brilliant human creatures at Maine College of Art Illustration Department opening their sketchbook and studios. Last semester I commissioned these surprisingly strong-willed students of the Arts (they would let me grant them an assignment, but not of my preferred soul-exchange-kind) to create a cover for the forthcoming Sirenz3 as a surprise for the insufferable Meg and Shar.

Followers of this blog (hello, you darling readers you) got a view of those dashing covers and cast their votes.  The top spot for this “People’s Choice” was a THREE-way tie between illustrators Devon JohnsonHannah Rosengren, and Noreen Torelli.  I also take my godly prerogative and grant a “Hades Choice” to Peter Rimkunas.  Click on the image to see this beauties writ large!

SIRNEZ3 Cover Contest Winners

Really, I must call my people in New York Publishing and have the entire class promptly hired for the various and sundry Art Departments.  Listen up my publishing minions, have these people put on salary–immediately.  Drink in their sketches and final work below AND laze on over to the new Pantheon page to see more of their fine work.

Artist Daelyne Bell

Sirenz Cover Design Daelyn Bell (Final & Sketch)

Artist Andrea Croak

Sirenz Cover Design Andrea Croak (Final & Sketch)

Artist Michelle Cooney 

Sirenz Cover Design by Michelle Cooney (Final & Sketch)

Artist Olivia Godburn

Sirenz Cover Design by Olivia Godburn (Final & Sketch)

Artist Devon Johnson

Sirenz Cover Design by Devon Johnson (Final & Sketch)

Artist Gaella Materne

Sirenz Cover Design by Gaella Materne (Final & Sketch)

Artist Peter Rimkunas

Sirenz Cover Design by Peter Rimkunas (Final & Sketch)

Artist Hannah Rosengren

Sirenz Cover Design by Hannah Rosengren (Final & Sketch)

Artist Noreen Torelli

Sirenz Cover Design by Noreen Torelli (Final & Sketch)

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    […] was a THREE-way tie between illustrators Devon Johnson, Hannah Rosengren, and Noreen Torelli.  Hades also took his godly prerogative and granted a “Hades Choice” to Peter […]

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