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“This was such a cute novel… Honestly, I don’t know what else I can say without going around in circles about how much I enjoyed this novel.” –The Lady Critic’s Library

“It’s got an extra sparkle to it so it’s really one of a kind! A funny and cute debut that’s bound to make you laugh out loud. Bennardo and Zaman have written a novel like no other! Fantastic characters, beautifully written, well planned and a plot filled with crazy wonderful things! Fashion is about to get downright dirty!” –Badass Bookie

“The Zaman and Bennardo duo skillfully weave [these] myths together with modern day and created something really entertaining. Definitely loved it! If you’re looking for something light-hearted yet well written, I definitely recommend Sirenz. Greek mythology fans, read it!” –What’s Your Story?

“There is an abundance of laugh out loud moments. Sirenz is not a novel to miss…fun, sarcastic, frustratingly awesome- that’s Sirenz.” –Read Me, Bookmark Me, Love Me

“Sirenz is one of the best books I’ve read this month! Meshed with fashion, modern edge and attitude, Sirenz became a perfect mix. I couldn’t get enough of the humor in Sirenz. Sirenz is funny, surprising, charming and brilliant! I highly recommend this to readers of Greek mythology and Greek mythology related books and to readers of chic lit.” –Fragments of Life

“Sirenz will absolutely appeal to all fashionistas in addition to the Greek mythology crowd! The way the girls slowly turned into sirens was unique and I lapped it right up.” –A Backwards Story

“Holy smoke that book was funny! …that book honestly had everything to make it a perfect summer read. Here is mixed mythology in a new modern way, with fashion and soul business. The characters were just too much. Too much fun, or course! I enjoyed it from the first page to the last.” –A Beautiful Madness

“I love these girls and their split-personalities relationship. I burst out laughing when I read what their Underworld job would be. I’m smiling just thinking about it now. Let Hades and Sirenz take you on a flirty and fun escape from the ordinary. This book is so cute!” –Reading Vacation

“I legitimately loved this book. I had no idea it would be so funny or cute. It’s a perfect mixture of chicklit and fantasy, with lots of sarcasm and naughty deities thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for a relief from heavy books, this is a great read! It’s fun, frothy, and adorable. I’m really hoping this is the first in a series!” –One Page At A Time

“Bennardo and Zaman have a seamless writing style. Shar is the standout of the book, she really made me laugh! I really related to Meg though, she reminded me a lot of myself.” –Fiction State of Mind

“Once I got my hands on a copy I immediately started reading and omg couldn’t stop. I was sucked in by the voicey narration of Meg and Shar-they are seriously funny! Sirenz was a great, funny read!” –Naughty Book Kitties

“Sirenz was such a fun book! One you could easily read in one sitting and enjoy the hell out of… This was girl power through and through and I loved it! Sirenz will lure you in from the very first page.” –A Story Untold

“There are few books I’ve read that have had me laughing out loud like Sirenz did but in turn, the story had a dark side that kept me turning pages to see just what would happen to this unlikely pair next! Sirenz reminded me of a Shakespearean fiasco! Hilarious at times, especially when the unexpected happens… The FAERY SAYS- READ THIS BOOK! Sirenz is a treasure! A fun read that is so entertaining, mythological fun and romance and let us not forget the lessons learned by everyone!” –The Book Faery

“The bottom line is Sirenz is super-quick, funny, and easy to read- perfect for a summertime list.” –A Tale of Two Suzies

“…A fun original take on Greek mythology.” –Bea’s Book Nook

“…Did I ever love Sirenz! I haven’t crushed on a book this hard in a long time… If it were a movie, I’d call it a “buddy comedy.” –Young Adult Smash

“I haven’t laughed as much as I did until I’ve read this book… The portrayal of Gods and Goddesses couldn’t be more up to date than it is here… A dash of fashion, a drop of quirky side characters and a funny storyline, Sirenz is a read you shouldn’t miss! Worthy of a Goddess’ love!” –Amaterasu Reads

“The book, released by Flux…is a total riot, as I expected it to be.” –Magic Mirror

“All in all, Sirenz is a ton of fun. It’s perfect for the older teen/young at heart crowd. I love the smart-ass humor… In my day, we had to learn our Greek mythology the old-fashioned way- Homer and the Odyssey and the Illiad. Sirenz is so much more fun! ;)” –Eve’s Fan Garden

“If you’ve ever seen a really great production of a Shakespearean comedy, you’ll understand why I think Sirenz is such a wonderful mythical inspired book…Similarly, Bennardo and Zaman successfully capture the humour and wit which is often a vital part of Greek stories as well… I did appreciate that there wasn’t any inane, angsty teen drama over typical YA book things (i.e. boys)… How refreshing and just plain FUN…” –Esther’s Ever After

“Sirenz is a fun paranormal comedy… I appreciated that the girls [Meg & Shar] worked together to solve their problem showing their strength and without needing a man to come to the rescue. Hades was a great seedy villain…” –Books Your Kids Will Love

“And last but not least, Hades. I loved him! Tempting and sexy. And just as my bookmark says, “Hades is Haute.”” –Fiktshun

“…Smoking hot, tanned body, dark eyes, rich, fashionable Hades… The two voices of the novel, Shar and Meg are fantastic…the voices were spot on.” –Brooke Johnson Blog

“…A funny and light-hearted take on a couple different Greek myths. I enjoyed the back and forth banter between Meg and Shar as well as all of the mishaps and obstacles that were thrown their way. For anyone who is a fan of Greek mythology and Yound Adult novels Sirenz is a must read.” –All Things Books

“Hades is a dark dude, and Tartarus is no picnic, but there is nothing gloomy about this book. Sirenz is a fun, fast-paced paranormal book with a mythological and chick-lit twist.” –Medeia Sharif (Author of The. Bestest. Ramadan. Ever)

“Colorful characters both human and divine, laugh-out loud funny parts and lots and lots of shopping made this a deliciously funny book to read. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!” –Alissa Grosso (Author of Popular)

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