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Tell Me You Love Me

13 Jan

Hello My Dears, Darlings, DivImageas, and Delights!

I have been quiet for too long and I know you miss me. I’ve been busy in the Underworld. Since my ‘bio’ (of sorts) was regaled by those naughty minions Meg and Shar, well, let’s just say I’ve become very popular. The Underworld is now cool. I’ve always known that–that’s the way I made it. Winters always bore me, so let’s have some fun. Check out Sirenz and Sirenz Back In Fashion and tell me what you love about me. Every response gets a name in the bowl. Use an actual quote or line of text from the books if you want to impress me. The best response wins a gift card from Victoria’s Secret (I like pink…) to be given out on Valentine’s Day.

So impress me my lovelies. You know you want to.


Did YOU Make My A-List?

26 Sep

Bon soir, my darling fans,

This little Sirenz Two Worlds Blog Tour project by those two unruly minions Natalie and Charlotte has worked quite well–to my advantage. I’ve corralled so many adoring devotees with a simple giveaway, all eager to read about me and seek me out. I’m going to bend my own rules about non-disclosure and tell you who these loyal followers are:

Alexandra from Texas                                                          Maryan from the Philippines

Sudha from California                                                           Sarah from Pennsylvania

Kayla from Louisiana                                                            Melanie from Illinois

Melissa from Colorado                                                         Victoria from Pennsylvania

Melissa from California                                                        Lena from Maryland

Teng from Malaysia                                                               Zahida from Canada

Lysette from California                                                        Courtney from Mississippi

Yadira from Washington                                                     Evie from New York

Mary Ann from Michigan                                                   Caitlin from Iowa

Lyn from Malaysia                                                                Jaime from Kentucky

There will be more winners as word of my haute-ness spreads. As you can see, I’m slowly spreading my fame, state by state, country by country. It harkens me back to my glory days when everyone knew me–and will once again…

Keep a keen eye here for more winners, contests, minion news and of course updates from Natalie and Charlotte as they endeavor to bring you into my fold.

Until then…


Welcome to the Olympian National Convention…

6 Sep

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.

They’re true, my dears. I’m doing it.

Can I count on your support?Leave me a comment and your email address and my minions will see to it that you receive some campaign paraphernalia. Remember, a vote for me, is a vote… for me. Ha ha, mon amours, just jesting. It’s a vote for you. Absolutely.

Do You Like It… HAUTE?

2 Mar

Because I do.

Wouldn’t wearing one of these be a lovely way to proclaim your HAUTNESS (and mine, of course).

Sirenz Trailer–MY Way

13 Jan

Well my pretties, it seems you’ve been busy, spreading the word about your story, this time trying out film. An interesting effort, and… cute. But do you really think that’s the way it should’ve been done? I have to say, I like this and its viral implications–such an interesting way to reach out to people! I sought out your cinematographer and made a few adjustments:

A bit more “rock-star” quality, don’t you think, Margaret? More drama, Sharisse (Temptation!)? And best of all, more ME. Sweet blog readers, what do YOU think? And just to be fair (because I ALWAYS am), here’s S&M’s video:


Leave us a comment below, mon couers. I’m quivering with anticipation to hear your opinions.


With Love, From Hades

27 Dec

A little note to the delectable librarians who left me comments to receive a copy of that laughable memoir, Sirenz… my minions are preparing your parcels as we speak. If you left a comment and did not receive one, please email me at the Sell Your Soul Hotline. Don’t worry–emailing doesn’t mean a commitment has been made–yet. But some of you will be receiving the preliminary paperwork you requested. Ta-ta for now, sweet darlings…

Hades’ Great Greek Librarian Giveaway

11 Nov

My dear, darling, delicious, delightful Librarians,

Hades here. Every now and millennium I like to make a deal with humans. I love humans. Really, I do. And there’s so much a god like me has to offer that could… improve your lives.

(I recently made a bargain with two seemingly deserving young ladies, Sharisse and Margaret wherein I reversed THEIR mistake in exchange for a petty service to me. I even threw in a posh apartment and a bottomless Visa card and positioned them to succeed–more than fair, don’t you think?

Well apparently, they’re “unsatisfied,” and have gotten an unscrupulous pair of authors to write an expose revealing the details of our agreement! I have to admit, it’s more than I EVER expected of them.

But being the beneficent, munificent and unbiased god that I am, I think you should judge for yourself and read Sirenz. Was I SO bad? Being that you are the most book-savvy and influential people who exist on this planet, I think you’ll be able to see the real victim here.)

So, I am hoping you might assist little old me.  These books have got me thinking there might be some wishes I could grant to the gods and goddesses of books, yes, you, The Librarians.  A new “market” for me, you might say.

Tell Hades what you want badly enough that you might be willing to spend just a single day as one of my Sirens and you could win a signed copy of Sirenz (that laughable “memoir”).

A teen room with a disco ball?
A stack of diamond-encrusted iPads?
A $30K  book budget?
A school full of raving readers?
A Soho spending spree?

Leave a comment below with your little wish, your name, and your library name and my minions will enter you to win one of 20 books.

P.S. I could really use a librarian in Tartarus. I promise you, it’d be the job of a lifetime(s).



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